Who is Velica


Shauna Saunders’ story starts off with some degree of stability, but her foundations come undone as she becomes older.

Shauna was born to Alexander and Maria Saunders in Ashton City, Washington, USA. Her father was a bio-chemist who had secured grants and private loans to grow his young company from the ground up. One of his private donors, Dominic Perrin, promised even more capital for a small increase in the amount of shares that he owned. Alexander agreed, but to a very grave cost. Dominic was insanely in love with Alexander’s wife and had to have her. Dominic was not happy in his own home life. His wife could not bear him children and he didn’t wish to sleep with her any more. He drown himself in work and eventually it consumed him. He had other lovers and one is rumored to have his illegitimate son, Joseph Brown. In later years, Joseph Brown takes on the alias Syxx Jones and wrecks havok around the city. But this is a story for a later time.

Alexander and Dominic’s working relationship deteriorate and eventually, the relationship is so dire, that Dominic wishes to see Alexander completely out of the picture. Shauna visits her dad at work often times. But, one afternoon changed her young life forever. As she enters her Father’s lab, she sees Alexander being held by two armed thugs and Dominic pointing a gun squarely at him. Dominic has changed into a dark, sinister man who in his own madness seeks to rid all people who are in his way. Shauna runs to her father’s side but just before she reaches him, Dominic shoots Alexander in the head. He collapses at Shauna’s feet and Dominic shoots his gun at Shauna, but the gun is empty and Dominic slaps Shauna. Her eyes fill with tears and she is overcome with rage and dispair.

Shauna disappears for 10 years.

When she returns, she is no longer the young helpless girl that watched her father die in front of her. Instead, she is a determined, strong and cunning young woman seeking vengence for her father’s assasination. She has been watching her city from afar and has learned that Dominic is now Domino. Syxx Jones is running 80% of the city’s gambling casinos, strip clubs, night clubs and has engaged in a gang war for full control of all the drug shipments in and out of Ashton City. Shauna has taken control of her father’s bio-tech business and has partnered with the chief technical director to discuss the “Prowler” project. The project is the code name for Velica.

Velica is seeking vengence for her father’s death and other’s who have been struck down by evil men.

Vengence is Velica’s and she will claim it tonight.

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