Team Velica

We are all fired up and ready to go! Meet the team being Velica and what we do to keep the ball rolling.

Ken JohnsonCreator, Writer and Illustrator for Velica

Ken is the creator, illustrator and writer of Velica. He has been actively involved in the independent comic scene in both the US and the UK. From the time he was first published in a high school newspaper with his first comic strip to now, he has worked very hard to push himself further and further with both his art and his storytelling. His passion comes through on the page. He also believes that the story should shine through and is a student of the craft. Ken has mentored upcoming artists and helped them to realize their true potential. With Velica, he will push the boundaries and strive to do something that hasn’t been done with both the story and artwork. His greatest inspiration is his daughter, Magdalena. She gives him the light to carry on.

Stacey AragonSocial Media and PR

A true child of the 80s, Stacey began her journey as a member of the MTV Generation betwixt the Golden Era of Video Games, the Dark Age of Comic Books, the Renaissance of Animated TV Series; the Video Tape Wars, the Emergence of the Post-Punk L.A. Rock Scene, and the Rise of D.I.Y. Fanzines and Low-Fi Websites. Like father, like daughter, she also followed in her dad’s footsteps by becoming a comics fanatic before she even entered kindergarten–excepting that where he had the J.L.A., she would have the New Teen Titans!

Since her early beginnings as a young and impressionable fan of all that is pop culture, Stacey has graduated from U.N.L.V., where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology, along with a Business Minor in Entertainment Management.  She has also attended Berklee Music, where she received a Professional Certificate in Music Business, and was one of the lucky recipients of the Alf Clausen Celebrity Scholarship Award. In addition to her college career, she has over ten years of creative business experience, spanning the civic, retail, broadcast, A&E, event, internet, and online media industries.

Stacey was one of the original steering committee members for Michael Netzer’s experimental Facebook Comic Con Project in 2009, further serving as F.B.C.C.’s Portfolio Reviews Coordinator and Promotions Chair during its first year run. She has also volunteered in various departments for the Inkwell Awards between the Summer of ’09 throughout ’12.

Kirsty SwanColourist


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