Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed…

Our heroine was a brighted eyed little girl by the name of Shauna. She loved her daddy very much. Her dad, Alexander Saunders, was a bio-tech genius. He wanted to create so many things that would benefit humankind for generations to come. His wife, Christina Saunder, reluctanly supported her husband’s wishes. She longed for her husband to stop following foolish dreams and get a job that supported the family like her parents did. Christina found comfort in another man. His name was Dominic Perrin. He was an entrepreneur and he became the major shareholder of Alexander’s company.

After a few years, Alexander and Dominic’s relationship became strained. Alexander was unaware of Dominic’s other business dealings and his plans for the bio-tech firm. Dominic planned to convert the bio-tech firm into a biological warefare supplier for the US Government. Alexander stumbled upon these plans and a huge argument ensued. Shauna would visit her dad’s office after school and tinker around in the lab. One afternoon, Shauna visited her dad as usual. She heard a loud bang in the hallway and ran to the source of the noise. When she walks in, she sees her dad cluching his chest and dying. Shauna screams at Dominic who attempts to fire another shot, but the gun doesn’t go off. Shauna cradles her father’s head in her hands and watches the life ebb away from him.

Dominic was not brought up on charges. He is friends and a main contributor to the Ashton City Police Department. He is also best friends with the mayor and sits on the city council. Shauna disappears for approximately 8 years.

Fast forward to present day. Dominic is now known as Domino. He runs several companies, including Alexander’s company. He has handpicked the board of directors and left a chair for Alexander’s daughter. He knows she is hiding and is waiting for her return so that he can ultimatly push her out and strip her of her fortune. Shauna’s mother has set up her own life in Europe. She often moves from country to country. Her last known residency was in Bulgaria, where she is originally from.

Shauna comes back determined and ready to fight her father’s battles. She assumes the alias Velica and begins to dismantle Domino’s empire, piece by piece. Syxx Jones, Dominic’s second in command, is determined to protect his and his bosses interests.

She soon realises that she will have to fight battles of her own.

This is the story of Velica. Vengence will be hers.

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