Syxx Jones

Syxx JonesCode name: Syxx Jones

Alter ego: Unknown

Age: 26

Occupation: Hustler, gangster

Height: 5’11”

Base of operations: Ashton City, WA., Vancouver, B.C.

Story: Not much is known about Syxx Jones. From what we were able to gather, he was the only child to a single mother in the Capital District. She worked 2 jobs and tried to do the best she could for him. Dominic Perrin was sponsoring a community day and Syxx’s mom decided to take her young son to this event. They met Dominic who noticed great promise in the young boy. He decided to take a personal interest in him and took him under his wing. Soon, her son was spending more time with Dominic and eventually, Syxx’s mom was rubbed out of the picture. She tried to reach him but she was killed by one of Dominic’s men. Syxx never found out what happened to her. Dominic started giving Syxx pet projects and after he became the most notorious gangster on the street, Dominic decided to up his game. He decided to design him to be the most elegant and influential hustler in the Capital District and soon throughout Ashton. As Dominic decided to expand his empire, Syxx personally saw to it that all of Dominic’s wishes were carried out with a few of his own thrown in for good measure.

Syxx has bigger plans that don’t necessarily involve his mentor. He is waiting for the right time to move on and run his own operations. Or, he could make a move on Domino’s empire and remove Domino from the picture. In the meantime, he has to keep it going.

Syxx is a loose cannon. He is known to have a trigger finger and has killed many without hesitation. He feels he has a job to do and he loves his lifestyle.


Abilities: Keen business sense, marks man, hand to hand combat


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