Dominic Perrin aka Domino

DominoCode name: Domino

Alter ego: Dominic Perrin

Age: 58

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Height: 5’10”

Base of operations: Ashton City, WA. Nice, France. Athens, Greece. Vienna, Austria

Story: Dominic Perrin is the son to the wealthy shipping family Francis and Marie Perrin. They control 30% of the shipping ports around the world. Dominic always had a flair for business but he was bored with his father’s old fashion approach. Dominic wanted more than a simple life. He was intrieged with the art of war and the majesty of manipulation. He craved to master this and to be able to truly fulfil his purpose in life. He felt that the world needed to understand that it was only using 10% of its full potential. He sought to exploit the world’s weaknesses and mold the world’s reality.

At 10 years old, he wrote a business manifesto that rivaled his years. His parents were astonished at his extraordinary gifts. He graduated high school at 15 and graduated Princeton at 18. He soon took over the family business and decided to look else where. In his college years, he seemed to have friends who kept disappearing and it always happened right after an argument. He took advantage of girls and felt they were weak creatures. He had countless girlfriends and most of whom he would disregard. There were a few that he liked to keep around a bit longer and he spoiled them with expensive gifts. He even decided to open a business for one of them, but soon fired her after a very heated argument.

His business investments went through various forms and he was seen as a generous man of the people. He made friends in high places and some of the citizens even encouraged him to run for public office. He was fascinated with politics, but thought he could better serve his ambitions by being the puppet master and not the puppet.

Dominic met a young woman who he couldn’t take his eyes off of. She was Christina Romanova. He was blown away by her beauty. She kept him at arms length for a time. Through her he met Alexander Saunders, her fiancé. He was a talented bio physicist who wanted to develop prosthetics and bio suits that would respond to human physiology that felt natural to the wearer. Dominic and Alexander became friends. Alexander was working out of his garage and as a wedding present, Dominic decided to give his friend and his new bride a generous cash investment to develop his inventions. Alexander’s ideas were a success and soon grew into a multinational company. Christina felt alone with Alexander always working. They had a child named Shauna. Dominic became close to the growing family and Alexander insisted that he would be Shauna’s surrogate uncle. Christina became close to Dominic’s warmth and generosity. Soon, Anna and Dominic became involved in an affair that would last for 13 years. Dominic continued to grow his other business ventures, including an underground gambling scene. He wanted to see how the other half lived. He groomed a young boy to become his most trusted apprentice. The boy would grow up to become the notorious Syxx Jones.

Dominic felt that the military would greatly benefit from Alexander’s inventions, but Alexander refused. He didn’t want to put his gifts in the hands of people who would use it to destroy others. Dominic was furious at Alexander’s lack of vision. One afternoon, Alexander had found out that Dominic had won a contract with the US Army to develop Biosuits for soldiers in the middle east. Alexander became furious with Dominic and as the argument escalated, Dominic became convinced that something needed to be done. Dominic called Alexander in for a discussion. He felt it would be better to do it in Alexander’s office. Shauna would always visit her dad after school and this day was no exception. As the argument intensified, Dominic arranged to have Alexander taken out of the picture. As Shauna was walking up to her dad’s office, she heard a gunshot. Dominic was standing over her dad and watched him dying. Shauna ran over to dad and cradled him while he ebbed away. Dominic looked at them both and walked away. Dominic decided from that moment on that he would continue to do things his way. He was known by a different name in the underworld, Domino. He decided to go further into this persona since destiny had bigger plans for him. He continued to grow his empire unchallenged. He had politicians, the local police including the police commissioner on his side and the district attorney. He could do anything and he was unchallenged until Velica arrived. Now, he finds he has to protect himself from a girl he once called his niece.


Abilities: Keen business sense, hunter, hand to hand combat


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