Velica Chapter 9 is coming soon

For some time, there has been thinking about whether to continue with the current storyline or to do a complete reboot and start over again with a new number 1. Given that there is a good and longstanding thread of Velica comics running from chapters 1-6 that have been released in either physical, digital, or both formats on Comixology and some independent shops in England and North Carolina, we have reached a conclusion. It would make sense to continue with the approach with having Velica chapter 9 to come forth.

Velica chapter’s 7 and 8 are drawn and inked (in the case of issue 7) with the next steps of them being put together in individual comics, getting our wordsmith, Jason Lamb, to provide the voice and then proceed with getting the books printed, distributed and in the hands of Velica Comics fans around the world. It will take some time, but we will get the books back out there. A lot of it is getting boots on the ground, taking books to shops, hitting the conventions, speaking with the fans, selling and signing books, and keeping our social presence in place and growing.

We will make some subtle changes along the way. Velica is getting a slight spelling change. Velica will now be spelled as Velika (with a K). For many years, some folks would pronounce the name in a way that is said in the same way as a car in America is pronounced which is the Celica. Adding the K helps to bring the pronunciation closer to what it is. It is Vel-E-Ka. Next, Velika’s ethnicity is much more diverse than what was initially indicated. She has African, Syrian, French, and Eastern-European background. Albeit that in many circles, she would be considered mixed race. She identifies as black and it isn’t done as a dismissive thing, but as personal focus for self-identity. This will be better reflected in Chapter 9 and in future chapters.

Next steps, we are going to finish up with Kid Velika and the Termites which is a new series starting in 2021. We are going to get issues 5 and 6 printed. Then, we will get chapter 7 into post-production with assembling the comic and having it printed. This will be followed by inking chapter 8, plotting chapter 9, and getting the layouts done for chapter 9.

We will continue to work with Comixology as a digital distribution partner. We are going to be looking for other distribution partners as we go along.

We want to also stress, as a matter of public safety, during this pandemic, please stay safe, respect others by wearing a mask, and don’t just think about yourself. Consider others.

Thank you for listening and for being fans of Velica Comics.

PS: looking at rebranding Velika Comics in the near future.

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