Updates on Velica

Hi all,

This year, we have been working behind the scenes on the next installations of Velica.

Tvelica7_pg11_pencilshese upcoming issues challenge our hero to grow even further and to accept change. This change includes getting more support from her friend, Sheila Rodrigues as she takes on the mantle of ShadowWing. Their mission is to continue the fight for justice and to right the wrongs of the darkness that runs rampid in Ashton City. Their battles continue to rage on with new villivelica7_pg16_pencilsans like FoxFire who want to destroy everything that both Velica and ShadowWing try to counter. It’s not an easy time for them or for the city.

In other news, we have joined Instagram and you can follow us there at velicacomics! We post snippets from the comic as well as upcoming developments that the team is working on. One of these developments is called The Notorious Madame Sugar.

Her story takes place The Notorious Madame Sugarin a Steampowered, alternative universe that is a mirror to this one. Except, it is a world that hasn’t developed much past the victorian times and the United States isn’t the country that we know in this reality. Instead, the south won the Civil War, Hitler didn’t die, Martin Luther King Jr didn’t get involved in the civil rights struggle and the US didn’t succeed with it’s westward expansion. Instead, Madame Sugar fights demons, super natural beasts, cybornetic monstrosities, deep seeded racism, uncompromising gender inequality and a planet that is much worse off than we know it in our reality.

Well, that’s our tease for this latest post. And our last post for 2018. Subscribe to our site to get ongoing news and updates.

In the words of the late, great Stan Lee, Excelsior!

Ken Johnson

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