And the inks belong to

Punching through the challenges that pop up at varying speeds, we can say that the inks for Velica, chapter 7 are done and dusted. With all the amazing luck in the world, we found an inker who just nails it across the board. Her name is Kris Huang and she rocks. She and Ken worked across the thousands of miles between them. From his time in London to Helsinki and back to London again, they coordinated this extraordinary collaborative effort to get the next pages done and dusted.

The next steps in the process are the get the colours done and then do the wonderful work of constructing the pages, proofing it then getting it ready to go. The plan is to release both a digital and print version. The last printed comic from us was way back with Velica 4 in 2009.

We’re going to be super stoked when we can get back out there and meet the fans again. It’s been a while.

Until then, keep on believing and thank you for your support.


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