What’s going on with Velica 7

Time flies right on by when you’re making comics.

Over the past 2 years, Ken Johnson has been crafting the next chapter of Velica. It may be wise to not refer to these as issues but rather as the next edition of the previous book. The story picks up where Issue 6 left off. Commentators talk about Shauna Saunders (Velica) and how her family came to prominence in Ashton City. But the commentators aren’t really sure about who she is as a person and what she represents.

As the story continues on, Velica is giving her updated gear a trial run and while she is out, she discovers trouble. There is a man who is being tortured by The Dominion. They are an extremist group who wants to return the world to the classic teachings of Christian scripture. Their heavy is a villain called The Almighty Hand. The victim is a successful business person who has been caught in the cross fire. Velica fights for his freedom and she is met by her partner in crimefighting, Honey who has now decided to join in on the crime fighting fun. She calls herself Shadow Wing and she is ready to help. Velica is pissed and doesn’t want her help in this way. Now, the All New Shadow Wing is left babysitting an injured man. But, lurking in the shadows is a new dark heavy called FoxXFire.

The book sets the stage for the ultimate throw down that will play out over future installments of Velica.

This tale is told by Ken Johnson with color help being provided by Kirsty Swan and the inks being handled by a new comer named Kris Huang.

The book is slated to be out in September 2016.


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