The day that was LSCC 2014


by Ken Johnson

What a day to hit the comic con. Maggie and I decided that it was time to make the journey out to see what was happening at this year’s London Super Comic Con (LSCC). Oh, what a day.

From the moment we started getting closer to the ExCel Centre, the bat-man shirts, comic company logos and cosplay hints were filtering into view. When we got off the DLR from Stratford, we knew we arrived. I didn’t know there were so many different versions of Harley Quinn. So I picked up my arm band, the lady was friendly (which was an added bonus) and we waltzed in. Man, there were lots of fans. Yes, I called them fans. You really can’t stumble into a comic con and think you can just look around to see what’s there. You really gotta know this genre and dig what’s happening. And for significant others being supportive of their partners, I give you guys massive dap. Good on you!

The first thing I do when I visit a con is do the big scan. I check to see what’s happening, where and how many people are checking out the hot artists of the moment. There are loads of comics, toys, figures, clothes (well, t-shirts), jewellery and replicas. There are cosplay superstars in the building, too. LSCC Cosplay JudgesRiki LeCotey from Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe and Yaya Han were on hand. Maggie was kinda dreading being there. That is, until she saw Cinderella. Then, it was on. We checked out the cosplay event and she was taking it all in. She even managed to get a photo with one of her absolute favourite Disney princesses; Rapunzel. Both of their faces were glowing. Then, right after I took Maggie’s picture, a older guy wanted me to take a pic with Rapunzel, too. That was awkward. And for Rapunzel, too. Anyway.

LSCC Cosplay

I hadn’t been to a convention since the LSCC last year. I had decided to take a step back. I had the old haunting thing in my mind from people who are no longer in my life still playing the same old tune “You’ll never make it in comics!” Never, never,never. I guess this should give you some reason why it takes me a while to pencil the comics that people actually want to read. Coming to this con felt really good and this is my world. And taking my kid to the con is a dream come true. She’s been before, but this is the first one that she really got into and will truly remember for the rest of her life…and mine. We saw some skits from some talented cosplayers and the ones that really got our attention were Frozen, She-Ra and the gal in the Green Armour. Everyone else was good, too. But, there can only be a few that are the creme of the crop.Maggie with Rapunzel

There were so many kids in costume with their parents. What a time. I had been spending time with pretentious people in an industry that takes itself far too seriously and are quick to axe you in a moment’s notice. I miss comics and all the geekiness that makes it feel like home for me.

I’m letting it go and drinking it all in. Feels great. So, now, where was I, oh yes, getting Velica published. Thanks LSCC for helping get my groove back and the day that was. So, planning to get my first table in quite a long time for LSCC 2015. I have some drawing to do.

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