Velica – The Original Series

“Do you have someone else scream for you, too?” – Velica

The time has come to blow the doors off. First, we are unleashing the first 6 issues in one book. It’s called “Velica – The Original Series” and it is packed full of Velica bad-assness!

Not only will we include the first 4 issues that were released in a limited run, but also the never before printed issue 5. Plus, for good measure, we are rounding it out with the new pages for issue 6! All of these brought to you by the lovely creative team of Ken Johnson (illustrating the madness), Jason Lamb (throwing down the lyrics in issues 5 and 6) and Kirsty Swan (painting with the ever so eloquent pixel brushes). The artwork was drawn between 2005 and 2013. There is going to be some variation in the style of the work (so bear that in mind).

Now, the first 4 issues are going to be blazing in full colours. But, as you hit issues 5 and 6, we introduce digital grayscale with splash colours. This is designed to give you, the reader, the full intensity of what is going on in the Velica Universe! And, you start to see this universe expand with the introduction of superbaddies Kill Engine and BombScare! You better watch out!

So what are we really up to? Well, we are planning to roll out the new series of Velica with a few familiar faces and a lot of new ones.

In the meantime, we are getting this book ready to go and for Strick 9 to print it and get it in the shops! We’ll give you a heads up when its out and where to buy it. Watch this space!!

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